The reason behind this blog is to expose the beauty and the culture that can be found in Ecuador.  Ecuador is a small country in South America that is quickly turning into a major tourist spot due to their beautiful beaches, towns, Galapagos Islands, unique culture, and access to the Amazon Rainforest.  This blog will expose students to the manner in which they can explore a gorgeous country on their student budget.  The content will vary from testimonials to reviews, and to suggested tourist spots categorized by the type of budget a person may have.  Along with the suggest tourist spots there will be links and pictures of reviews found on website like Yelp and other tourist websites.  The blog itself will contain various different pages such as a way to contact the editor, a page dedicated to non-profit organizations whose goal is to preserve the land and the native culture, and a submit page in which followers can submit any questions or suggestions.

The first image is a picture of  Montanita, Ecuador which is one of the biggest, fastest growing tourist spot for young adults and surfers.


The second image is of  Banos de Agua Santa, Ecuador . Banos is known for activities such as 4-wheeling, fishing, and thermal pools all at a discounted price.






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