Hey, Look at the header!

Creating a header this week was a very difficult, yet an exciting and innovative task! I came across a few complications while creating the header such as resizing, finding images, and stretching out the picture.  Finding images was a hard task because there were so many images to pick from! I decided to go with an image of El Columbio del Cielo located in Banos, Ecuador and meshed with a picture from Cuenca, Ecuador that if you look closely in the right hand side of the picture you will be able to see!

In order to create the header above I used Pixlr.  Pixlr was a pretty easy application to use for picture editing. I had heard of it before, but I never really gave it a shot.  There were a few things I liked ab0out Pixlr and a few things I thought was missing (or I might’ve missed!).  The option to add overlays on pictures such as stars/sparkles was so appealing to me and the images I picked! The main picture I chose contains a gorgeous, unedited picture of the sky and the editing tools found on Pixlr, such as the overlay effect, completely enhanced what was already photographed.

The skills I learned and practiced this week could be used in my prospective profession as a Public Relations Specialist.  Being able to edit photographs on applications like Pixlr would be extremely useful because we live in such a big tech-savvy society in which we must be able to adapt and learn about different applications and tech-related skills.


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