Podcast Daze (LATE POST)

Welcome back guys! Today I created a podcast promoting the growth of my blog and giving some information about what exactly it was about.  I used Audacity to create this podcast and uploaded it on Sound Cloud.  Before this class I had never used Audacity before, but I consider myself to be somewhat tech-savvy so it wasn’t that hard to figure out.  The hardest part for me was creating my script and finding music that went along with my blog and that I actually liked.  Since I am Ecuadorian I obviously know various different songs that I could use, but I wanted to give the subscriber of what it may feel to be in Ecuador.  The song I picked for the background is a traditional Andina instrumental that gives off the native vibe that is preserved throughout Ecuador.  Also the image was captured from a Creative Commons google search on Google.  It was retrieved from one of Ecuador’s tourism campaigns and it gives the subscriber a view of the beautiful scenery that can be found in Ecuador.  The mixture of the picture and the background music definitely gives the subscriber a little piece of what the culture is like in Ecuador and what they can expect when they plan their trip!


Hope you enjoyed this post and this little promotional podcast!


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