Hi guys! Welcome back to All You Need is Ecuador Blog. I have some pretty exciting news for you guys today! I have recently became a part of a Promotional Campaign for Ronald McDonald House Charities alongside three fellow bloggers!
Marisa Dixon is the creator of MyCollegeFitness. Her blog is dedicated to teaching college students how to eat healthy and remain fit during their college years.
Another blogger joining us is Dana Hibbs, creator of GreatDaneCouture, her blog is dedicated to the current fashion trends around the world.
The third blogger involved in this campaign is Kaitlyn Anthony, creator of TheDrowsyKnight, her blog content is focused on providing college students with Broadway reviews, links, and ticket sales.
We are all partnering up with Ronald McDonald House Charities in order to show the way this awesome charity helps out children not only in the U.S. but also children all around the world through their global grants.
We are all really looking forward to working with each other and promoting such an awesome, selfless charity. All You Need is Ecuador Blog will be posting an educational promotional grant video from ecuador that may be promoted to the House Charities. The video will also include the previous global grants that have been backed by Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Anyway, I hope you all are as excited as I am for this great collaboration. So keep an eye out for the next few posts on all of our blogs!



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